advocacy through streetwear

What Does "mental hellth" Mean to You?

Everyone feels down from time to time, but no one deserves to
live at rock bottom. Living at rock bottom makes everyday feel like you've
already died and gone to hell. You begin to rationalize death: "at least
actually dying will allow me to escape the hell I've created for myself once
and for all."

Poor Mental Hellth™ is meant to expose & embrace this hell-like feeling;
wear it on your chest so the world knows the demons you deal with. By embracing
your feelings you'll not only be more self-aware, but you'll be able to work
through these demons and truly better yourself. You'll be more eager to open up
to others and connect their demons with your own.

The only way to get out of hell alive is to fight, and you don't
have to do it alone. 

When you face adversity, you are inevitably left with two options: fight or
flight. Are you going to fight through your poor mental hellth, or are you
going to run away from it, and suppress it within? 

Don't let your mental hell run rampant. Just keep living.